I’m Shannon Loe, and I live in Midtown Atlanta. I am a small space strategist, professional organizer, and a downsizer extraordinaire. I’m also an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the NAPO Georgia chapter. I founded LIVE WITH LESS to help clients clear the clutter and create space for what matters.

I grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota (Cottonwood, to be exact; population then: 982, population now: 1,203). As a child and young adult, summers were spent helping my Dad with fieldwork (pulling and spraying weeds in the soybeans, removing rocks from the fields and various other farm tasks) and I quickly learned the value and ethics of hard work.

At an early age, I discovered my desire for everything to have a place. My books were displayed by height, my bedroom closet was organized, the stickers in my sticker book were categorized, and so on. I enjoyed rearranging my parents' furniture and discovering other options for the space, removing all of the items from the kitchen cabinets so I could display them like a store's shelves, neatly arranging my family's shoes in the hall closet. You get the idea.

Fast forward through those formative years. I graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in sociology and a minor in psychology, and I worked in education (university and adult literacy settings) for about 15 years. All the while, I’ve possessed an innate knack for organizing and paring down.

Not surprisingly, I’ve been the go-to person who has helped friends and family with organizing, downsizing, unpacking, sorting, and donating. I’ve even turned my simplifying/organizer’s eye on myself. Two cross-country moves instigated getting rid of most of my belongings, which was an opportunity (and a challenge) to evaluate/assess/determine which items were most important for me to keep and which items I could easily donate or sell.

Throughout the years and through these experiences, I’ve learned that clear, calm spaces offer room to breathe and creativity to flow. Indirectly, clear spaces also allow people to focus on what matters, whether it's time with family and friends, time to focus on a new business venture, or time to explore new hobbies.

Sharing my ideas and knowledge helps my clients to gain control of their lives, remove the chaos, experience the joy of letting go and clear space for what matters to them.



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