A simplified wardrobe

For those of you fashionistas out there, feel free to skip this post. For the rest of you, who, like me, might not care so much about trends, this post is for you.

I recently read that the more decisions you make in the day, the weaker your decision-making ability becomes. Based on this information, the more you can simplify certain areas of your life, the better.

Every morning, you have to decide what you’re going to wear that day (unless you’re super-organized and have chosen your outfit the night before - if this is you, you get a gold star). So it goes, the more clothing in your closet, the more challenging the decision.

Paring down your wardrobe to include only those items that make you feel amazing and beautiful is a great way to simplify your closet and your decisions. For extra credit, the more items you can mix and match, the better.

For example, my wardrobe consists mainly of black and white items, with a splash of magenta here and there. Pretty much everything works with everything else. Mix and match + less clothing = easy decision = more decision-making power for the rest of the day. It works for me!

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