Slow down

We live in a fast-paced world. Smartphones offer instant information at a touch of our fingertips; an entire “meal” (and I use that word very loosely, by the way) can be had in a matter of seconds at fast food restaurants around the world; working faster is exulted in the workplace; "Life in the Fast Lane" is more than just an Eagles song from the 70s; and Joey Chestnut continues to dominate the world of competitive (i.e. fast) hot dog eating contests. We’re taught that faster is better.

But what happens if/when we just slow down?

What if we choose NOT to check our smartphones every five minutes (even if we’re not the first to know about the latest scandal rocking the Kardashian clan)? What if we choose NOT to eat “food” from establishments that pride themselves on cheap and fast? What if we slowed down enough at work to really listen to our customers instead of just appeasing them in order to get them to just go away? What if Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest didn’t exist?

Everything would still be okay.

Instead of running on overdrive all day, every day, I challenge you to slow down and smell the roses as often as you’re able. Doing so will positively impact your mind, body and spirit.

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