You got this!

Nearly one year ago, I took a giant leap of faith by deciding to do professional organizing full-time. In order make it happen, I handled all of the tasks that come with starting a new business: writing a business plan, determining a business name, filing paperwork with the state, building a website, creating business cards, generating clients, yada yada yada. 

Honestly, I never had any desire to be a small business owner. Never. I was terrified and hesitant and nervous and anxious, and every other synonym for “fearful” you can come up with.

And yet, this past year has been the best year of my life, work-wise! I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m so thankful for my clients and to be able to do what I love!

The point of my story is not to complain about all I’ve had to do to make this business work, but to share with you that, like my clients, I, too, sometimes struggle with self-confidence and allow fear to get the best of me. But I’ve had to work through those doubts and trust that I have what it takes to make my business a success. I’ve often had to remind myself that “I got this!”

This quote pretty much sums up what I’ve had to remember this past year:
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Pretty awesome, right?

Whatever organizing dilemma you might be struggling with, know that “You got this!!” Or if you can’t seem to figure it out and you need help, please contact me! I LOVE MY JOB!!

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