Use it if you've got it

Live With Less Atlanta Professional Organizing Shannon Loe

As the snow, sleet and ice descended upon Atlanta these past couple of days, I jumped at the opportunity to sort and organize my box of mementos. This box is full of treasured items including cards and letters from family and friends, a mangled bicycle license plate from my childhood days as a daredevil cyclist, one of my baby blankets and several items from my grandparents.

One item, in particular, struck my fancy as it was something I had forgotten about: an etched drinking glass given to my Grandma Hazel and Grandpa Ed on their wedding day in 1937. Beautiful it its simplicity, the glass holds years of family history and memories.

Instead of keeping the glass tucked away in my memento box, I moved the drinking glass to my kitchen cabinet for every day use. Now the glass is front and center as a lovely reminder of my grandparents.

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