To keep or not to keep...that is the question

Live With Less Atlanta Professional Organizing Shannon Loe

Last week I spent about two hours sifting through my bedroom closet in an ongoing effort to create space for what matters in my own home. The process is always cathartic for me as I evaluate each item with a critical eye and ask myself questions such as: Does this fit well? Do I love this item on me? Does it need to be repaired? Do I really need three black t-shirts? Could someone else use this instead?

In evaluating the stuff in my closet, I removed a light blue cardigan, a pair of gray corduroy jeans, a red handbag, two t-shirts and an old jewelry box.

The cardigan and corduroy jeans never fit quite right. The red handbag isn't my style. The t-shirts have seen better days. The jewelry box was an unused trinket just taking up space. 

Now these items have moved to my "outbox" in my front hall closet, ready to be donated to the charity of my choice. 

I feel lighter and freer, my closet feels more spacious, and hopefully someone else will benefit from items that didn't work for me but may work perfectly for them.

So I ask you, when is the last time you assessed your clothing to determine what you want to keep, sell or donate? 

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