Are you a To-Do List maker?

Not surprisingly, I am a HUGE proponent of to-do lists. My to-do list serves as a roadmap for the day as it guides me from one item to the next.

I use the task list in my gmail calendar to create my tasks and the date upon which they need to be completed. Once created, they show up on my calendar in red on the day I specify. Once I've completed the task, I click on the little check box and gmail creates a check mark in front of it as well as drawing a line through the task. If I need to reference a previous task, I can always go back to my electronic calendar on my computer.

Creating a to-do list sets the tone for my day, helps me to get a handle on what needs to happen and when, and best of all, gives me great satisfaction when I can check the item off my list.

Are you a to-do list maker? If so, do you create your lists old-school with a paper and pen or are you an electronic list maker? Or do you forego the to-do list altogether?

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