Your space as a reflection of your life

I find that my home is a reflection of my life. If my space is cluttered and disorganized, I feel scattered and disorganized (and yes, this does happen from time to time!).

When I feel distressed or out of sorts, I close my eyes, take some deep breaths and try to clear my mind. Then I attempt to determine the source of my uneasiness, and I ask myself what I can do to change the situation. In some cases, circumstances are out of my control, but in every situation, I find stress relief when clearing my physical space of any extraneous "stuff" that may have started piling up. In doing so, I'm clearing space for what matters to me - open, accessible space showcasing those items that bring me joy, are beautiful and are useful.

I challenge you to think about your space as a reflection of your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed, surrounded by chaos, or distressed? Is this disharmony a result of influences within your control? Are there items you could possibly remove or eliminate in order to create space for what matters to you?

Just some food for thought....

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