To book or not to book...

I'm a voracious reader - always have been. My love of reading was instilled by my mom when I was a young child because she, too, loves books and reading.

I remember attending the library's weekly story hour and allowing my imagination to get swept away in a book's pages. These visits also gave me an opportunity to check out stacks and stacks of books to pour over when I got home. And then, a week later I could return those books and pick out a whole new stack! How fabulous! (By the way, not surprisingly, I STILL love the library!)

In terms of small space living (another love of mine), a Nook or a Kindle could be a bibliophile's best friend - no physical books to fill up bookshelves and other flat surfaces. That being said, I've never owned a Nook or a Kindle because I know I would miss the feel of a book's pages on my fingertips and its weight in my hands. In fact, throughout the years, I've collected my fair share of books.

You see where this is going, right? It's an epic clash of two worlds! Which will emerge victorious - books or open space??!

Well, for those of you who share my love of actual, physical books, here's how I handle my book obsession: I use the library as much as possible and I severely limit my visits to the bookstore. This allows me to read until my heart's content while avoiding the temptation to purchase another book to add to my edited collection. It's a win win!

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