Small Space Stories: Leap of faith

When we decided to quit our jobs and move from Indianapolis, Indiana to Portland, Oregon neither of us knew a soul in Portland, we didn't have jobs lined up, we didn't have a place to live - it was a complete leap of faith. What we DID know was we didn't want to take a lot of stuff with us.

The process of turning a critical eye on all of our belongings was cathartic and freeing. What items will we use?...what items will we need?...what should we sell and purchase new after we arrive at our new home?...which items can we let go? This was a drastic move, but in retrospect, it was totally worth it because it allowed us to truly reflect on what matters.

If you moved across the country or across the street, what would you take and what would you leave behind? Would you hire a moving company to move all of your belongings or would you take the opportunity to get rid of stuff?

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