Making space

Empty space can cause discomfort in some folks - some people think it feels scary or vacuous. An empty space CAN feel scary, but it can also be an opportunity for growth.

I know, I know - that might sound too "WooWoo" to some, but stay with me please.

Clear spaces can be an invitation for new to appear - new opportunities, new memories, new experiences, new adventures. If your space is crowded with stuff and continues to stay crowded, you may find your life becoming stagnant and sluggish.

So here's my challenge to you. Take a look around your space. Surely there's at least one item that you don't love anymore. Get rid of it! Clear some space to make room for something else, but don't replace it with a tangible object. Instead, just leave it empty.

Enjoy the cleared space and wait to see what happens next. You never know what sorts of new experiences might be in your future!

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