Take a step back

You know the feeling when you're so close to something that you can't see it for what it is? Sometimes that happens with our homes as well. We can become so used to seeing a certain item in a certain spot, that we almost don't see it at all.

(Stay with me please...I know it doesn't sound like I'm making any sense, but really, I am. Or at least I think I am.)

For example, let's just say I have this really cool, white lotus flower candleholder that lives on the dining room table. Each time we have a meal, the cool, white lotus flower candleholder makes a racket anytime the table gets bumped or shook.

And this happens for months. Anytime we bump the table, we hear the clanking of the candleholder, but we don't really HEAR it. It doesn't really register that dining doesn't have to be this loud (I mean, not that we're clumsy or constantly kneeing a table leg or anything). Plus, we love the cool, white lotus flower candleholder because it's cool.

So one day, out of the blue, I have an epiphany. Perhaps there is a better way, I think. What if we find a different home for the cool, white lotus flower candleholder?

And with that, we decide to try the cool, white lotus flower candleholder in the bathroom. On a stable, sold countertop. Where the lotus flower candleholder can't be jostled. It's the perfect location for it and now we love it even more because it's not noisy!

That, my friends, is how the cool, white lotus flower candleholder came to live on the bathroom counter.

Moral of the story: Just because something has a home doesn't mean it always needs to stay there. So move things around in your house. Shake things up a bit. It's fun!