It's a journey, not a destination

Some people have the misconception that once a space is organized, it will always be organized. Yet (and this sounds like such a cliché, but it's true): Being organized is a journey, not a destination.

Organization takes diligence, dedication and constant upkeep. If the upkeep is sporadic, it's easy for the chaos to slowly creep back in. However, having systems and processes in place makes maintaining an organized space much easier.

For example, most people receive mail six days a week. This means there's a daily influx of paper, and unless you have a method for sorting and organizing your mail, the paper will pile up. More days pass, more mail accumulates. And, for some, the task of organizing the mail has become more than they can handle.

If this sounds familiar, I'm here to help! Together we will come up with systems to organize your mail, your paperwork and/or your home office so paper doesn't take over your space! Contact me if you need assistance on your journey to get organized!

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