We expand to the space in which we inhabit

Human beings are a little bit like a raw egg in a frying pan. As the egg is dropped into the pan, the egg white starts to spread out in every direction.

Similarly, when a family chooses to upsize to a larger home, oftentimes they immediately run to the store to purchase more stuff (furniture, tchotchkes, etc.) to fill up any remaining empty space. I hear it all the time: "Well, we had the space for it, so we bought x and y...."

Those things are just stuff (and meaningless stuff, in most cases), and now the family has even more things and more space to maintain. Consequently, the rat race forges on and the hamster wheel continues to spin.

But here's the thing: Material objects take up mental as well as physical space. In my opinion, there's so much more beauty in a bare surface or an empty wall than buying a "thing" to fill up the space.

Before you make another purchase, take time to evaluate the true cost of that item. Are you buying it to fill up space? Does the item present a certain persona to your family and friends? Do you really need this item? Does it bring value to your life?

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