Thoughts on kindness

Often, when people who need help purging their stuff decide to contact me, they are often feeling desperate, overwhelmed, saddened, frustrated, upset, disappointed, _____, by the amount of stuff they’ve accumulated throughout the years. These feelings, in turn, have a tendency to contribute to their feelings of self-worth, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, depression, and so on.

I remind them that this task is completely surmountable, and ask them to be kind to themselves by not berating their own previous decision-making abilities (“I lack willpower” or “I cannot believe I wasted so much money on this” or some other self-deprecating remark).

Please remember to treat yourself with love, respect and kindness. If applicable, forgive yourself for past decisions. You cannot go back, but you can change things from this point forward.

Kindness matters.

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