But I might need it

Live_With_Less seafood fork.jpg

Do you ever find yourself keeping something on the off-chance that you might need it someday?

Items such as:

  • Extra screws and little plastic doodads from an already-assembled Ikea furniture piece? Might need one of those someday.
  • Seafood forks? Might use them for a fancy dinner party someday.
  • Acid wash jeans? Might come back in style someday. (Oh wait…I think they already did. But do you really want to revisit THAT trend??)

If you keep stuff around “just in case,” I’m guessing much of that stuff is never used, so it just takes up space and turns into, you guessed it, clutter. If clutter doesn't bother you, then keep those extra things. But if you find yourself in need of some breathing room, you may want to evaluate the stuff you're keeping to figure out if you will actually use it someday.

Just something to consider the next time you stumble across your handy-dandy olive stuffer shoved in the back of one of your kitchen drawers.

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