Small Space Stories: Small kitchen appliances

The kitchen is an area of the home where storage can get tricky. With our small kitchen, space is at a premium, so we need to be selective about the appliances we own.

What we have and how often we use it:

  • Blender - We use our blender a LOT! We’re big smoothie people, and our dinner of choice is a spinach or kale smoothie.
  • Can opener - Another frequently-used appliance. Even though I have lofty intentions of purchasing dried beans and soaking them overnight, since I have yet to do so, I’m thankful to open a can of beans to throw on top of a spinach salad.
  • Hand mixer - Used infrequently because we don’t bake very often, but nice to have when we get the urge to make brownies.
  • Coffee grinder - Used infrequently because neither of us drink coffee. (I know!) But we use the grinder occasionally when we add ground flax seeds to our smoothies.
  • Toaster - Used infrequently since we don’t eat bread very often.

That’s it! We’ve got five small appliances, three of which are used infrequently.

Hmm...based on this information, perhaps we will need to consider letting go of a couple of them. Guess I’ll be talking with my spouse about it!

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