The appeal of a good deal

Do you ever find yourself standing in the toilet paper aisle comparing prices on a package of four rolls versus a package of 16 (or 32!) rolls? I mean, we all need toilet paper and it never expires, so when wouldn’t we want to save an extra $0.50 per roll to purchase the jumbo pack?! When we don’t have the space for it, that’s when.

This happens all of time. Stores offer a deal on a larger pack of frozen chicken breasts or on a 24-pack of batteries or on a 30-pack carton of facial tissues. We purchase the deal to save money on the price per item. But then we have to find space at home to store our bulk purchases.

If your space is limited, you may want to consider the real cost involved in buying in bulk. More stuff means more clutter; more clutter may mean more stress.

Is saving an extra $0.50 per roll worth the added clutter and stress? For some small space dwellers, it’s not.

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