It's okay to unsubscribe

An email inbox is another area where clutter tends to creep in and take up residence. Before you know it, your inbox is flooded with message after unread message.

I found this to be true with my own email account. In hopes of scoring a good deal on some item at some store, I subscribed to their daily email list. And to another. And another. And so on. As a result, I was receiving lots of daily emails for shopping and consuming and purchasing - which is ironic, since I tell my clients to live with less, to buy less, to embrace simplicity. I never read the emails, but there they were, taking up space in my inbox.

So I started unsubscribing from all of them, one by one. Oh, how freeing it was!

Now I receive fewer emails, and the emails making their way to my inbox are ones of importance and interest. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all of the unread emails in my inbox, I am able to read and (if needed) respond in a timely fashion to the emails I receive, and my inbox is nearly empty.

In fact, right now I have two emails in my inbox - both of which I need to take action on (and plan to do so today).

How many emails are in your inbox right now?

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