Be kind to yourself

People tend to be hard on themselves when life presents challenges. For example, if a woman is on a diet, but overeats during a meal, she tends to mentally beat herself up: “Why don’t I have any self-control?” “I’m so weak” or “What’s wrong with me?”

That negative self-talk does nothing to improve the situation. Instead, it causes even more frustration and diminishes self-worth even further. If this is a habit you’re guilty of participating in, I ask you to consider this: Would you ever say those things to a friend?

Probably not.

So why is it that women support one another, but we have such difficulty in being kind to ourselves?

I challenge you to be kind to yourself. The next time you find self-criticism creeping in: “What’s wrong with me - why can’t I get organized?”, treat yourself with compassion instead. Recognize your struggle with clutter and open yourself up to the possibility of change, one day at a time.

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