Fixing the crazy

Do certain areas of your home drive you crazy? Are your kitchen drawers a chaotic mess? Is your closet stuffed with clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in years? Are your bookshelves sagging from the weight of too many books?

It’s entirely within your control to fix the crazy. I promise! The way to do so is by breaking down the area into smaller parts - such as one drawer at a time or one shelf at a time.

Remove everything from the drawer or the shelf and begin to sort like items with like items. If you find duplicates or items you no longer want, put them into a donate or sell pile. Be brutally honest with yourself!

When finished, place the items back in the drawer or on the shelf, like items with like items. If items need a container, find one that works for that space. Not only will you be able to find the items, but you’ll know exactly what you have and exactly where it lives. Ta-Dah!

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