5 ways to feel more joy

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I know I've been referencing mindfulness.org a lot frequently (because it's an awesome site!), but these reminders are so helpful to me in my everyday life that I want to share them with you too! These tips to feel more joy in your life may also (indirectly) help you to tackle the clutter that might be on your to-do list.

From happiness expert, meditation teacher and author of Awakening Joy, James Baraz, are habits to develop in order to feel more joy:

1. Being grateful: I think the most direct way to awaken joy comes from a grateful heart, which means really being there for all the blessings in your life. Reflecting on your blessings regularly and appreciating them in the moment is powerful. Expressing your gratitude in words or actions to others when you sincerely feel it transforms appreciation from a fleeting thought into a living and shared connection.

2. Identify the activities that make you happy—maybe dancing or going for a regular walk in nature—and schedule time to do those things with the people you love. Connecting with others is a powerful source of well-being.

3. Express your caring in a fulfilling activity. This might mean being there for a loved one or volunteering for something that touches your heart. Finding ways to make a contribution to others gives our lives greater meaning.

4. Talk kindly to yourself. The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you’ll be to others.

5. Spend some regular time with a creative outlet like singing, art, or writing. It makes you feel alive. Singing has always been my feel-good therapy.

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