Kick clutter to the curb

Live With Less - control clutter

My job as a professional organizer isn’t just about putting things in bins and containers and then slapping a label on each. When a client initially contacts me, they are overwhelmed with their stuff, they are stressed out, and they are incredibly frustrated.

In many cases, the client has tried and failed to get themselves organized, so some people tend to feel inadequate and ashamed - they wonder why they can’t create an organized space like "everyone else".

Many of my clients struggle to keep up with demands from work, their family and their home. When forced to let something fall by the wayside, generally their home is the first to fall into disarray. Little pockets of clutter tend to grow and quickly multiply, and before long, their home has become an even larger source of stress.

Educating my clients on ways to deal with the clutter is a big component of what I do. We talk about mindful purchasing and limitations on space, and my goal is to empower my clients. Together, we kick clutter to the curb and take control of the space!

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