Room to breathe

Live With Less - declutter, room to breathe

When on a decluttering job, it’s helpful to remind clients of the space limitations we’re working within. The master closet is an excellent example of this, as it can become overstuffed with clothing.

I recently worked with a client who struggled with this issue. In order to fit all of her clothing into the space, she would shove and push and squeeze items into a space that couldn’t support all of her clothes. This, in turn, made it difficult for her to find and remove what she wanted to wear for the day. Pulling out one item could trigger an avalanche of clothes, which was definitely not a great way to start the day.

As we worked on her closet, my client recognized that her closet was over-stuffed, and that the space imposed limits on the amount of clothing she could reasonably keep. Giving her clothing a bit of breathing space, indirectly, provided my client with breathing space as well.

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