What's in a name?

Live With Less - declutter, let go of stuff, less chaos

Two years ago, before I started my business, I thought long and hard about a name that would best represent what I do. When I came up with the name “Live With Less” it really spoke to me the way I hope it speaks to clients who need my decluttering services.

My goal is to help my clients live up to my company’s name: to live with less - less clutter, less stuff, less chaos - and in the process, help my clients realize that to live with less means they gain more time (because they’re not searching for lost items), they gain more money (because they’re not having to buy a duplicate item to replace an item they know they own but cannot find), they gain freedom (because having less stuff to deal with means less stuff to manage) and they gain control over their stuff and their space, instead of the stuff having control over them.

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