Gifting an experience, not stuff

Live With Less - give experiences, not stuff

In 2014, the average person celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa spent more than $750.00 on gifts and holiday decor. Many people feel stressed out as they try to come up with the perfect gifts to purchase for their family and friends. Ironically, a recent CBS News poll found that one out of three of Americans think they have too much stuff.

To ensure a happy gift recipient, I encourage my clients to consider gifting an experience, like tickets to a movie or a theatrical production, or creating a gift certificate the recipient can redeem for a homemade meal or a coupon to babysit their children once a month for the upcoming year. None of these gift ideas add to a person’s clutter nor will they end up on a shelf in the back of a person’s closet, and all would likely be appreciated by the recipient.

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