Create a landing zone

Live With Less - landing zone

Have you ever searched your home for your keys or your purse because you forgot where you'd left them? One way to eliminate the stress of searching for your lost keys is to create a landing zone. A landing zone is a place in your home where you always, always, always drop your keys and your wallet or your purse when you enter the house. Some people also drop the day’s mail there as well (to then sort through later in their 15-minute-a-day organizing time). 

If you have a mudroom or entry, your landing zone should be located here. The dedicated landing zone in my house is a drawer in my kitchen, closest to the front door. When I get home, I immediately drop my keys and sunglasses in the top drawer and hang up my purse on its designated hook.

Get a cool looking key hook to hang on the wall and a small table with a tray or decorative bowl, and bam! You’ve got yourself a landing zone. Never again will you frantically search your home for your keys or your wallet because you’ll automatically drop them here every time without giving it another thought.

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