Time won't give me time

Live With Less - get organized start small

So you want to get organized...but maybe you've got questions like these swirling around in your head: How should I begin? Where should I begin?

One of my tips get organized is to start small. Just start. Take 15 minutes a day to sort the mail, or to tackle one drawer in your desk, or to toss out any unintended science experiments growing in the back of your refrigerator.

Try this cool tip: Set the timer on your phone for fifteen minutes and choose a small task you’d like to complete - possibly a task you’ve been dreading. Commit to starting the task and start the timer. And this is the cool part. Either you finish the task in less than fifteen minutes (and yay for you!) or you get on a roll and decide to use the momentum to keep going beyond the allocated fifteen minutes (which is even better, right?).

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