Right here, right now

Live With Less - be present, breathe

“Life becomes more expansive when you release the past and live in the present.” - Oprah Winfrey

When I heard this quote the other day, it really resonated with me, not just because of what I do as a professional organizer to help my clients let go of things that aren’t serving them, but also because this can also apply to one’s thoughts as well. Just as holding onto those size 6s in your closet in hopes of one day fitting back into them clutters up your closet, constantly thinking about what happened in the past instead of staying in the present clutters up your mind.

Use your breath as a reminder to stay present. Your breath is always with you - a constant companion that never leaves your side. When you dial into its ability to bring you to the here and now, your mind is awakened to what is happening at this very moment. It’s an empowering reality check.

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