Small Space Stories: Towels and bed linens

Live With Less - managing towels and linens

Clients often ask if I have a magic number for the amount of items one should keep. They’ll inquire if X pairs of shoes is too many or if X reusable shopping bags is too much. I tell them there isn’t a magic number; rather, it’s a personal decision dependent upon each client’s personal circumstances.

When it comes to bed linens, however, I recommend two sets of linens for each bed in the house. One set will always be on the bed and the other will either be in the laundry to be washed or in the linen storage area.

As for sets of towels, that’s a little trickier because it depends upon whether or not you have the space for houseguests. In my case, as a small space dweller, a houseguest is limited to sleeping on the sofa. Therefore, one extra set of towels is all we need.

Once you’ve found your magic number for towels and bed linens, pull out all of the extras. Consider donating the towels to your local humane society and the bed linens to your local thrift store, and then enjoy your manageable linen storage area!

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