Small Space Stories: Coat closet

Live With Less - organizing the coat closet

Has your coat closet become the dumping ground for all of the stuff you don’t know what else to do with? When you open the closet do you hope beyond all hope that you won’t get knocked in the head by falling debris? Has the coat closet lost its intended purpose?

When one lives in a smaller home, creative use of storage space is paramount. Any available, open space is fair game for stuff. I get it. My coat closet is one of just three closets in my entire home: coat closet, pantry and master closet. As such, my coat closet pulls double and triple duty as storage for household items (tools, nails, fasteners, etc.) and cleaning tools (vacuum cleaner, broom and sweeper) as well as the obvious (coats, hats, gloves and scarves). Each item has a designated home.

If your coat closet is taking on multiple roles and too much stuff, it might be time to clear everything out and take stock of what you’ve chosen to put in the closet. Maybe some of those items need to find a new home so you can create space for the items that can realistically fit and work in the coat closet.

Overwhelmed by the thought of starting the process? Contact me and we’ll tackle the project together!

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