Breathing Room

Live With Less - declutter, breathing space

I just finished reading "Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by decluttering your home" by Lauren Rosenfeld and Dr. Melva Green, and wow, I cannot say enough good stuff about it. LOTS of great information to use as a guide for decluttering one's physical and mental space.

Here's a brief excerpt from the very last lines on the very last page:

May you always find what's most sacred within arm's reach. May you hold it with gratitude, knowing it is a grace and a gift. May happiness be out in the open, shining its light on your life. May you find breathing room wherever you go in life and offer that sense of spaciousness and freedom wherever you go. May love always sit on the mantel of your heart, for all to see.

May the heart of your home warm everyone who enters it.

May the home that is your heart be a blessing to everyone you meet.

Beautiful words from a beautifully-written book.

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