Live With Less - incentives to get organized

So you've embarked on an organizing project. Perhaps you've decided to tackle that drawer in the bathroom where random stuff goes to hide. Or you've chosen to take on the kitchen pantry. Or perhaps you've decided the top of your desk needs an overhaul. Yay! Congratulations!

Sometimes starting a project is the easy part. It's seeing the project through to the end that can be exhausting and a challenge to keep the momentum flowing.

That's where bribery swoops in to save the day. Rewarding yourself after a job well-done makes a huge difference in ensuring you won't quit halfway through. 

Give yourself a small goal and an incentive when the goal is reached: "I will work on this desk drawer for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, I get to watch a cat video on youTube." (or whatever floats your boat - just some small reward for sticking with your project.)

For a larger goal, choose a larger incentive: "Once I finish organizing the pantry, I'm going to treat myself to a bouquet of flowers."

Bah-BAM! One step closer to getting organized.

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