Small Space Stories: The kitchen pantry

Live With Less - kitchen pantry organize

The kitchen pantry tends to be a forgotten region of the home, and as a result, it’s sometimes where food, inadvertently, goes to die. When organizing a pantry, the first step is checking the expiration dates on everything.

I recently worked with a client whose pantry consisted of two floor to ceiling cabinets in her kitchen, and each shelf was filled to capacity.  When we sorted through its contents, we discovered nearly three-fourths of the food was expired.

As a result of the pantry sort, my client realized that she purchased canned and boxed goods out of habit, not out of need. Since her family now mostly eats fresh foods that require refrigeration, she will steer clear of the canned and boxed goods section of her grocery.

Bah-BAM! More cash in her pocket and more space in her kitchen.

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