Shopping at home

Live With Less, small space organizing

Future projections indicate that consumers in the U.S. will spend $9.4 billion dollars on home organization products in 2017. As a professional organizer and small space strategist, I save my clients time and money by “shopping” in their homes to look for ways to repurpose their stuff, with the intention of eliminating the need for the client to purchase organizing supplies. 

I recently worked with B who runs her interior design business out of her one-bedroom apartment. She had plenty of baskets and bins and containers scattered about, but they were filled with random objects. We developed a system for her fabrics and paints, and we labeled the containers appropriately. 

Feel free to introduce me to your neighbor who runs her jewelry design business out of her home. Have her call me, and we’ll shop her house for solutions to get her design materials under control, and save her time and money as a result.