Live With Less - creative insight

From the June 2015 issue of Mindful magazine comes this insight and support of taking time to do nothing and letting your mind wander, by Christine Carter:

Our brains benefit when we waste time. When we let our minds go - to daydream, to wander - an area of our brain turns on that's responsible for creative insight. And our best work comes from those creative insights - the ones that happen in the shower!

We feel uncomfortable with stillness, with downtime, so we cancel it out by becoming busy again. Instead of just staring out the window on the bus, we read our Facebook feed. We check our email in line at the grocery store. Instead of enjoying our dinner, we shovel food in our mouths while staring at a screen. Give yourself the joy of just staring into space sometimes.

You never know what brilliance might come out of that stillness!

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