A fresh perspective

Do remember the media frenzy over “The Dress” a few months ago? Some people saw a white and gold dress while others saw a blue and black dress, and yet others started out seeing it one way and then switched to the other team? Perception definitely played a part in that media sensation.

Similarly, during my complimentary meet and greet, when my client gives me a tour of their home, something interesting usually happens: the client begins to see their space through a fresh perspective. “I never noticed how awkward that shelf looked,” or “I didn’t realize the closet was such a dumping ground,” they’ll comment. Just my asking the client questions about each space’s function and her goals for the space seems to change her perception as a result.

Introduce me to your friend, Jamie, who complains she never has anything to wear. I’ll help her to see her closet from a new perspective.

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