Small Space Stories: The (one and only) bathroom

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Even though I don’t have a cable subscription, I’m thankful that provides enthusiasts like me with the option to watch free episodes of “House Hunters” online. (Thank you, HGTV!) If you’re not familiar with the show, “House Hunters” follows homebuyers as they search to find their perfect home. The show highlights three of the properties the homebuyers are considering purchasing, as the buyers walk through each option, offering their commentary on the pros and cons within each space.

I love this show! It’s always a fun guessing game to discover which of the three houses the house hunters choose to purchase.

Often, the homebuyers comment on needing a double sink in the master bathroom so they can get ready at the same time as their significant other. They’ll show video of the potential home buyers in their current bathroom, bumping into one another and getting in one another’s way when trying to get ready in the morning. Occasionally the buyers will cross a home off their list if it doesn’t meet the double-sink criteria.

So what happens when one chooses to live in a home with only one bathroom containing one bathroom sink? Such is the case in my 780 square foot condo. (gasp!) What ever do my spouse and I DO in the morning!? How can we possibly deal with the fact that we don’t have double sinks in the bathroom?!?

Truly, having one bathroom (with one sink) in our small space is ideal. For one, we only have ONE bathroom to clean - i.e. one toilet to scrub, one bathtub to scour, one sink to clean! Two, we schedule our getting-ready-in-the-morning time so one of us is getting ready while the other one is making breakfast, and then we flip-flop and the other person gets ready while the first person finishes up making breakfast. Three, less space means less stuff in the bathroom (and in the closets, and in the bedroom, and in the kitchen, and…you get the idea) means less stress means less clutter means happier home inhabitants.

So, for all of you folks out there who are considering a new home purchase, please know it’s possible for a couple to live harmoniously in a home with only bathroom that contains just one bathroom sink.

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