The joy of letting go

Live With Less let go of stuff

I don’t know when or how this happened, but many of us feel the stuff we own defines who we are and how others perceive us. You own lots of books? Oh, well, you must be well-read and incredibly intelligent. Lots of business suits in your closet? Surely you’re a high-powered, wealthy businessperson. Own lots of kitchen gadgets? You must be quite the home chef! Bathroom crammed full of beauty products? What a beautiful person you are.

Sometimes my clients have a hard time letting go of their stuff because they are wrapped up in the image they feel that stuff presents. If they let go of those unopened, unread books that have sat on the shelf for years, they’ll lose part of their identity. As a result, those items clutter up their space and their mind.

Part of my job is to hold my client’s vision for their space and remind them of their goals. Doing so helps the client to remember why they hired me in the first place, and helps them to recognize they don't lose any part of who they are if they let go of mere objects. Once they recognize they’re not losing their identity, it becomes easier and easier to experience the joy of letting go of their stuff!

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