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Live With Less - organize bedroom closet drawers

Are your t-shirts thrown into a drawer haphazardly? Or maybe they’re folded and stacked flat, one on top of the other? Either way, odds are pretty good that you can’t see all of your t-shirts at once and instead will have to rifle through the drawer to find the one you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick and easy tip to change that! 

If your drawers are spacious, one way to ensure you can see all of your t-shirts and to ensure they don’t get wrinkled is to roll them. To do so, lay the t-shirt flat with the front facing down. Fold both sides in toward the center, then start from the bottom and roll your way up to the neck. Then, if you’re super fastidious like me, you’ll line them up in your drawer by color. 

Bam! T-shirt organization.

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