Finding a new purpose

Live With Less declutter and repurpose

Neither Jane* nor her husband are into "keeping up with the Joneses." Most of their furniture had been given to them or found on, except for a gorgeous cherry six-drawer dresser. The dresser, which had been her father's, was hidden away in the corner of the bedroom.

Even though she adored it, Jane wanted to sell the dresser because she felt it was cluttering up their space. Since the furniture piece was important to her, I envisioned an opportunity to repurpose and feature the dresser in their living room. Their television could live on top and their extensive collection of family board games and puzzles could live in the dresser drawers. Jane and her husband loved the idea and immediately got to work moving the dresser into its featured position!

As a small space strategist, I'm constantly thinking of ways to reuse or repurpose my clients' stuff in a more functional and beautiful fashion. If you're feeling stumped about a room or a space in your home, feel free to contact me. I'll offer a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective on your home and your stuff.

*name has been changed

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