Just drive on by

Live_With_Less mindful purchasing, declutter

I’ve been working with a client who loves a good bargain. She told me she visited Marshall’s and TJMaxx at least once a week, and never walked out without at least one bag of stuff in her arms. 

During our sessions, she became more and more aware of the items she already owned, and she recognized that buying more stuff to add to her already-cluttered home wasn’t the answer. Getting stuff from Marshall’s and TJMaxx was only adding to her stress.

She now realizes the connection between mindful purchasing and being aware of her tendency to buy when she walks into those types of stores. As a result, she’s started driving right on by when she passes a discount home goods store. She confided that she’s now happier, less-stressed and calmer because of our sessions and because she doesn't feel compelled to bargain shop anymore.


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