Lighter and freer

Live With Less declutter and organize

Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in their closets, but they feel they have nothing to wear. Since the average American woman owns 30 outfits, and yet wears 20% of her clothing 80% of the time, this definitely contributes to the feeling of overwhelm.

One of my clients, a 40-something IT professional, had a closet filled beyond capacity and clothing had spilled onto the floor. Together, we emptied her closet and grouped each item by type, then systematically worked through each pile to determine what she wore and loved versus what she wanted to donate. As a result, she shed almost half her wardrobe and feels much lighter.

Master closets are one of my absolute favorite projects! If your closet overwhelms you every time you walk by it, I can help you gain control of your wardrobe and feel lighter and freer.

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