Small Space Stories: A limited clothing palette

Live With Less clothing declutter limited wardrobe

I like things simple. As a child, I used to eat plain buttered noodles without pasta sauce. I ate my hamburgers plain - just the meat and bread - no condiments allowed. I usually ordered the same thing at restaurants because it was a sure thing and I knew I’d like it. Basically, I was the least adventurous, most picky eater on the planet. 

You may be happy to know that as an adult, I’ve changed my limited-food-palette ways, and will try anything once, except meat. However, this limited-palette approach has carried on into my wardrobe. 

Keeping my wardrobe simple in terms of color, design and pattern makes my life so much easier. I can mix-and-match just about everything in my closet, so even though I only own a limited number of tops, both of my cardigans will work with all of my tops, and most of my tops will work with all of my pants. I view it as an adult version of “Garanimals”.

Having a wardrobe with clothing pieces that are interchangeable means that I have more outfit possibilities with less items of clothing. Yet another way I live up to the name of my business and choose to Live With Less.

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