Small Space Stories: The best money I’ve ever spent

Live With Less declutter and organize closet

Living in 780 square feet with my spouse is easy peasy. Frankly, we have more space than we really need, and we’re considering downsizing to a much smaller space in a few years. That being said, there’s a certain amount of storage one needs in a space, and the more efficient the storage, the better.

Our little condo in the sky has a fabulous walk-in closet. But it didn’t used to be so fabulous. In fact, when we bought our place, the walk-in closet was equipped with builder-standard wire racks - awful, awful, awful!

We lived with those wire racks for just a few months before we could take it no longer. That’s when we called in an expert to design and install a closet shelving system, and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

Live With Less organized closet

Check out this beauty! With this closet system, we have ample hanging space (both short and long hanging), shelves for our linens and towels, shelves for our shoes, and drawers for our socks, underwear, workout clothes and off-season clothing storage. We also have space in which to tuck away our laundry basket and our suitcase.

So the point of this small space story is to illustrate what a huge difference a closet shelving system can make in terms of storage, function, and beauty. I love this closet so much!

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