On the same page

Live With Less organizing a guest room office space

Pregnant with twins, my clients needed to figure out how to reconfigure their 1,400 square foot bungalow to accommodate their growing family. A planned renovation was on the horizon, but it wouldn’t be happening for another year or so, so in the meantime, they needed to work with what they had, which meant adding a nursery to their guest bedroom/office space.

We determined which items needed to stay in the house, which items could be donated and what needed to be moved into their temporary storage unit. In order to ensure everyone was on the same page, I created a master list via Google docs that we could all refer to and update.

Once we had reviewed everything in the room, the donated items were immediately removed. The items for storage were packed up, the boxes were numbered and labeled and the extremely-detailed list of contents for each box was added to the Google doc.

My clients are excited about their temporary nursery and anxiously await the arrival of their twins!

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