Small Space Stories: Photographs

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For many, loose photographs accumulated in plastic bags, shoe boxes, envelopes from the photo developing company, and in those old albums with the sticky plastic pages. I was no exception, until two years ago when I chose to remove all of my photos from the various photo albums I had acquired throughout the years and transfer them into an archival, acid-free box called a Legacy Box (available through the Association of Professional Photo Organizers or APPO for short).

Best decision ever!

The legacy box allowed me to organize the photos how I wished, and to label them appropriately. Best of all, it holds up to 2400 pictures. 

The most time-consuming part was removing all of the pictures from the album and tossing any that were out of focus, or those in which I didn't recognize anyone, or places I didn't remember, or duplicates, so then I was left with a much smaller amount of pictures. Then it was a matter of putting the photos in (somewhat of a) chronological order and sliding them into the boxes' compartments.

I'm thrilled to have my loose photos all in one place, AND the Legacy Box takes up much less room than the 15 photo albums on my bookshelf. More space and more order. Bam!

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