"Sweep and hide" no more

Live With Less purge stuff

My clients love to entertain, but because they were embarrassed at the state of their home, they would utilize the “sweep and hide” technique with their clutter before their guests arrived. This involved gathering all of the piles of clutter and tossing them into the storage room in the basement.

After their guests left, the piles would start to accumulate once again, and, as a result, my clients became more and more frustrated by the clutter. When they hired me, they wanted to end the clutter once and for all.

As we’ve worked together, I’ve shared strategies and tips with them so they can maintain the clutter-free home we’re creating. Yesterday, as I arrived, they proudly showed me the pile of donations they had worked on together and said, “No more "sweep and hide" for us!”

Y'all, hearing those words brought the biggest smile to my face. Talk about a proud organizer!!

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