Shiny, happy people

Live With Less happy without stuff

I know I tend to take a Pollyanna view toward life and the world, but in my opinion, thinking positively invites positive things into one’s life. I also believe that reducing the stuff in your home creates space for creativity, openness, breathing room and happiness. After reading this article in Live Happy magazine, my theories seem to be confirmed.

Studies show positivity helps shift focus from consumption to shared experiences
(excerpts from a Live Happy article by Paula Felps):

People who are happier have been found to be less focused on “things” and more focus on fulfilling activities and social relationships. In a recent study by Dr. Miriam Tatzel from Empire State College, she found that happy people share one very distinctive trait: They value and seek out experiences instead of possessions.

“If people spend less time working and spending, they have more time for relationships and personal interests,” Miriam says. “People who are less materialistic tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives.”

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