Fill your life with joy, not things

Live With Less, less stuff means less decisions

It's estimated the average adult makes approximately 35,000 decisions a day. THIS IS NOT A TYPO! 35,000 decisions! From what to wear to what to eat, from what route to drive to when to leave, it's no wonder we're exhausted every day! All of these decisions leave little time for the rest of our day-to-day existence!

When one's life is filled with stuff, this only adds to the amount of decisions we're forced to make each day. For example, the more scarves or pairs of pants or shirts one owns, the longer it takes to get ready in the morning due to the number of choices one has.

Consider a restaurant menu. A short menu with limited offerings means less time contemplating what you really want to eat based on what's available. Similarly, a limited closet with limited offerings means less wardrobe decisions one needs to make in the morning (or the night before, which is my recommendation).

It's all about simplicity, folks. The more you pare down your stuff to what matters and what serves you versus what just takes up space and clutters your mind, the easier you'll make your day-to-day existence. Remember, I'm here to help!

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